Upon entering each model you have the same information as approximate weight, measurements, etc.

Take note of the full references of the models you want, which you will find at the top of each picture.

If one or more of the selected models have enamel and want to make some variation of colors, enter our color chart and note the number of the color you want to make the change, as well as any other indication you see fit.


All weights listed on the page are approximate and for guidance and it have included a 5% decline. In the seals and rings, weight may vary depending on the size thereof.

A footer of each model you can find indicative prices, considering that the lowest price belongs to the model in white silver version and the highest price to version silver plated or enamel rhodium.

All prices included makings and silver. These may vary depending on significant fluctuations in silver.

For more accuracy, you can request, if desired, our list of wholesale prices.


The photographs on the website are very approximate the actual size. These have a percentage increase in order to have optimal viewing of the pieces. The concept of each model you can see the approximate measures of the same.